Jan 16: Brandon-Pure_Paws

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Brandon has been a member of the fisting community since 2011. He is the owner of REEGÜR, which has a mobile app for fisters to meet and hosts FF events internationally. Brandon is also a kink/fetish positive Mental Health Therapist/Coach.

Feb 20: Mufasa Ali

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Mufasa Ali has been a dedicated member of the leather community for more than 25 years! He is the founder of the Men of ONYX, the founder of the People of Color Leather Caucus held throughout the country since 1998, the Leatherman and Leatherwoman of Color community titles and a nationally known community speaker, keynoter and educator/presenter on such topics as People of Color in Leather, Leather and Poly Family, Leather Protocol, Spirituality & Leather/Poly Lifestyle, Community Leadership, Diversity, Impact Play and Fisting. Professionally Mufasa is a change management consultant and ordained minister/life coach/hypno therapist.

Mar 27: Jason Michaels

May 15: Kraig Pfister

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Kraig has been fisting and teaching fisting for over 20 years. Even though he has the biggest hands in the room he still manages to park those beasts in small spaces. That is because he knows how to feel the bottom's bottom.

Jun 19: Ramses Onyx

Jul 17: Chris Wydeman

Aug 21: Sloppy Hollow

Sep 18: Mark Eddy

Oct 16: Blue Bailey

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Stephan Ferris has starred in and created adult and fetish content under the stage name Blue Bailey for over a decade, and he is the founder of the Law Office of Stephan F. Ferris, a queer centered business and entertainment law firm that counsels adult entertainers and LGBTQI content creators. He loves horror movies, drag shows, and taking loads at the gym.

Nov 20: Thankful Holes, Thankful Hands

Dec 18: Silver Steele