About Us

The FFeral Guys Story

FFeral Guys (FFG) was conceived in 2018 by Marc Tuton. He wanted to create a group that would teach guys in recovery, regardless of their addiction, that they could enjoy the art of handball (fisting) without being under the influence.

Marc tossed the idea around with his friend Gauge Xavier, who had also conceptualized a group but had not brought it to fruition.

FFG launched its first workshop in January 2019 and in its first year of existence it was highly successful. We have had participants come in from all the border states of Texas and our reach is growing.

Education is the cornerstone of FFG. We passionately believe in welcoming participants of all skill levels.

What to Expect

  • Our workshops are geared to all experience levels.

  • We have a full time trainer who is dedicated to training proper etiquette and technique.

  • Fisting 101 session the first 30 minutes of each workshop

  • We are Body Positive

House Rules

  • Vaccinations Required to attend

  • No Photography in main workshop space

  • No Drama

  • No means No

Dress Code

  • Shoes required at all times

  • Clothing is optional (most guys wear gear, jocks or naked)


  • Toys are welcome

  • Outside aromas welcome (Onsite vendor will also have them available for purchase)

  • This is a Sober Event- No Drugs Allowed


  • Workshop 3p-8p

  • Fisting 101: 3p-330p with Colter (resident trainer)

Things to bring

  • Registration Confirmation

  • Towel for shower

  • Preferred Lube if you choose not to use the FFausten Lube provided

  • Shower Shot/Douche Nozzel for light touch ups

  • Beverage of choice (water and snacks provided)